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Automated Genies

| März 31st, 2011

Automated Genies [tm] usher in a new era of ease of use and user programmability for desktop publishers.

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Heroic Age of Spaceflight

| März 30th, 2011

„Heroic Age of Spaceflight – NASA… The 25th Year“ is an overview of the early decades of America’s quest for the stars and is one of the first CDTV [tm] titles to use the CDXL motion picture format. NASA… The 25th Year is a 10 frame-per second 1/4 screen motion picture from compract disc. Subjects corvered include: early aeronautic research, the Soviet challenge and the United States‘ response, Project Apollo, The Voyager and Viking planetary missions, the Space Shuttle program, and prospects for the future.

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Commodore Belgium has unveiled a new addition to the Amiga range of personal computers, the A600.

This new model is only 35cms wide and 24cms deep, but manages to pack a lot into its small size. This has been achieved by redesigning the keyboard and omitting the numeric keypad found on the right hand side of the A500 and A500 Plus, as well as taking advantage of advances in technology to reduce the size of the motherboard.

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The editors of AmigaWorld Magazine announce over $20,000 in prizes to be awarded in the 3rd annual AmigaWorld Animation contest. State-of-the-art style and technique is the theme of this year’s contest. Entries must be 2-D or 3-D animations produced on any Amiga computer. Winning animations will be produced on videotape and distributed worldwide through TechMedia Video in 1993.

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Computer Embroidered Crests

| März 26th, 2011

These gorgeous 6-color embroidered crests on a black background pay tribute to our favorite computer. Sized at 3.75″ x 4.75″, they can fit on a t-shirt, a jacket, gym bag, duffle bag, suitcase, computer carrying case, anywhere you want to add a little color and publicize the Amiga.

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