| April 4th, 2011

Beginners and experts alike will find hundreds of handy tips for harnessing the power of their Amigas with this comprehensive guide. Covering topics as diverse as speeding up floppy drives, getting the most out of the Workbench, turning an Amiga 500 into an Amiga 3000 equivalent, and getting the best color printouts for the least money, DENNY ATKIN’S BEST AMIGA TIPS AND SECRETS will help any
Amiga owner get the most out of his or her machine. Whether you want to add a CD-ROM drive to your Amiga, get the best performance out of your favorite game, or learn how to transfer documents and
spreadsheets between your Amiga and a PC, you’ll find hit here. Atkin has collected these tips over a period of seven years, after founding one of the first Amiga user groups, writing regularly for AmigaWorld, AmigoTimes, .info, and COMPUTE; serving as technical editor for the AMnews disk magazine; and more recently editing COMPUTE’s Amiga Resource.

Denny adds: „That’s the info from a book catalog. What I’ve tried to include in my BEST AMIGA TIPS AND SECRETS book are solutions to the problems that plague Amiga users the most; tips on optimizing
your system; ways to make your Amiga more powerful and flexible without going into debt; and handy hints on the best ways to expand your Amiga. I’m hoping that this will be the kind of useful
reference book that you’ll keep next to your Amiga at all times. It’s been a lot of hard work, but I’m proud of what I’ve put together, and I hope you’ll all enjoy it. I just still wonder if I should have called it STUPID AMIGA TRICKS instead. [grin] And remember, every copy sold helps keep Bill, the World’s Largest Housecat, happy and well fed.“

By Denny Atkin

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