The editors of AmigaWorld Magazine announce over $20,000 in prizes to be awarded in the 3rd annual AmigaWorld Animation contest. State-of-the-art style and technique is the theme of this year’s contest. Entries must be 2-D or 3-D animations produced on any Amiga computer. Winning animations will be produced on videotape and distributed worldwide through TechMedia Video in 1993.

The First Prize winner will receive the „Ultimate Commodore Amiga 3000 System“ featuring an Amiga 3000 with 5MB, 100 MB hard drive ($4146), Amiga 1950 multisync monitor ($695), G-force 040 accelerator
($2799) and Impact Vision 24 video/graphics board ($2199) from Great Valley Products, Personal single frame controller from Nucleus Electronics ($425), and Caligari Broadcast 2.1 3-D animation and rendering software from Octree ($1995).

The Second Prize package includes the Harlequin 2000 32- bit Frame Buffer from the Amiga Centre Scotland ($2100), TVPaint from Tecsoft, France ($1500), V-Lab video digitizer from MacroSystem, Germany ($450) and Will Vinton’s 3-D Animation from Cineplay ($499.95). The Third Prize package is Digital Creation’s DCTV ($499.95) and Progressive Peripheral’s 3-D Pro 2.0 ($399.95).

In addition the First, Second and Third place winners will receive Virtual Reality Lab’s VistaPro 2.0 with MakePath and TerraForm landscape generators ($149.95) and Progressive Peripheral’s Animation
Station utility software ($49.95). The next ten winners will receive: DevWare’s 25 best Video/Graphics public domain disks ($98.75), Progressive Peripheral’s Diskmaster ($49.95) and the AmigaWorld 3-D
Library ($89.95).

Contest entries should be directed to: Tim Walsh, AmigaWorld Magazine, 80 Elm St, Peterborough, NH 03458. Entries must be submitted on floppy disk with full loading instructions and a 1/2″ or 3/4″ review
copy, preferably NTSC. Animations will have a maximum length of 3 minutes. They will be judged on a basis of content and technical expertise. Deadline for entries is October 15, 1992. Winners will be
announced in the February 1993 issue of AmigaWorld. Animation Video Volume One and Volume Two, compilations of earlier contests, are available through TechMedia Video. According to Lynn Lagasse, Video Products Manager, „these videos display some of the most unique animations created by the most talented and well-known Amiga artists and in turn, will fascinate, entertain and inspire viewers.“

TechMedia Video will produce Animation Video Volume III at it’s new state-of-the-art, in-house production facility. Work is currently being completed on the first of a three part video series, „How To
Animate I“, scheduled for release in March 1992. This will be followed by the release of „The History of the Amiga“ in April 1992. TechMedia also distributes animation, instruction and tutorial videotapes for
third party vendors such as Miramar and Razza Video USA.

TechMedia is a division of IDG Communications, the world’s leader in information technology. IDG publishes over 150 publications in 50 countries, including such titles as AmigaWorld, MacWorld, PC World, ComputerWorld and InfoWorld.

Written by Tim Walsh

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