Automated Genies

| März 31st, 2011

Automated Genies [tm] usher in a new era of ease of use and user programmability for desktop publishers.

Gold Disk Inc. announced immediate availability of a major upgrade to Professional Page, their award winning desktop publishing program for the Commodore Amiga personal computer.

„Version 3.0 represents a major breakthrough in the evolution of desktop publishing“ explains Kailash Ambwani, president of Gold Disk Inc. „Most of the routine tasks associated with page layout are now
completely automatic, freeing the designer to concentrate on the creative aspects of his work.“

The new version incorporates more than 30 automatic functions or „Genies“, facilitating fast and effortless creation of professional quality documents.

By selecting „Create Page From Genie“, users can quickly and easily create page layouts and designs. Requesters allow the user to select the layout type, page size, columns, margins and other specifications. In addition, users may choose from advanced features including line drawing and placement, address printing and text importing. Professional Page 3.0 will then generate a complete page layout based on the users specifications. A variety of different layout styles may be created, including newsletters, brochures, advertisements, and flyers.

Function genies automate many routine desktop publishing operations. Functions include push button envelope addressing, automatic mail merge from an external database, and automatic grid and table creation. Text formatting functions include automatic drop caps, automatic drop shadows, automatic small caps, and automatic sub and super scripts.

Using over 300 ARexx commands included with version 3.0, users may customize Professional Page by creating their own Genie functions. Possible functions include hot links to databases or spreadsheets,
batch printing, or automatic graphic sizing and placement. Other new features include irregular text wrap, an undo button, enhanced color separation and under color removal algorithms, auto-tiling for output of larger pages, and text import filters for most popular word processors including ProWrite, Excellence, and QuickWrite.

Professional Page 3.0 includes 5 new AGFA Compugraphic scalable outline typefaces, for a total of 7 typefaces. Adobe Type 1 fonts are also supported and all fonts can be scaled in increments of 0.125 points. Graphic handling will be enhanced with a hot link to Professional Draw 3.0 making it possible to export a structured drawing to Professional Draw, edit the drawing and return it to Professional Page.
Professional Draw 3.0 will be available later this year.

Professional Page 3.0 will run on any Amiga with at least 2 MB of AM and a hard disk drive and is Workbench 2.0 compatible. Professional Page 3.0 is available now, with a suggested retail price of $295.00.

By Mike Iampietro, Gold Disk Inc.

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