Commodore Belgium has unveiled a new addition to the Amiga range of personal computers, the A600.

This new model is only 35cms wide and 24cms deep, but manages to pack a lot into its small size. This has been achieved by redesigning the keyboard and omitting the numeric keypad found on the right hand side of the A500 and A500 Plus, as well as taking advantage of advances in technology to reduce the size of the motherboard.

Despite its smaller footprint, there is still room for a 2.5-inch hard disk drive to be mounted internally.

The A600 uses the Motorola 68000 CPU running at 7 MHz. Either 512KB or 1MB of RAM can be placed on the motherboard, and a further 1MB can he added by installing the A601 memory expansion unit in the trapdoor slot underneath the machine.

Since the A600 is fitted with the 8375 Fat Agnus chip, all of this 2MB can be chip RAM, available to the co-processors. An 8373 Denise chip is also used to give extra display modes. Additionally,
an enhanced version of the 5719 Gary chip, called Gayle, has been fitted which supports the I/O card interface and the IDE Hard Drive interface.

Version 2 of the Kickstart is held on a 512K ROM and Workbench 2.05 is provided on floppy disks. An IDE hard disk drive controller is also included as standard. There is no expansion slot on the left side of the machine. This has been replaced by a slot which will accept credit-card style memory cards (PCMCIA/IEDA standard). As on the A500s, an 880K floppy disk drive is housed on the right side of the computer. A full complement of interfaces has been provided on the back: serial and parallel; external disk drive; stereo audio, RGB video, composite video, and an RF modulator for connection to the antenna input of a television set. This last was available only as an optional extra on the A500 and was fitted externally.

Mouse and joystick interfaces are to be found on the right side of the machine, next to the disk drive.

By Peter Jones and Dirk Verhetsel
Commodore Belgium

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