Automated Genies and hot link to Professional Page 3.0 create integrated, user programmable desktop publishing environment.

Gold Disk announced a major upgrade to Professional Draw, their award winning structured drawing program for the Commodore Amiga personal computer.

„Professional Draw 3.0 represents the next step in the evolution of desktop publishing“ explains Kailash Ambwani, president of Gold Disk Inc. „The direct link with Professional Page 3.0 gives the graphic designer a totally integrated DTP environment, the Genie functions automate most of the routine tasks associated with design and layout, and the comprehensive support of ARexx allows the user to create
dynamic links to hundreds of currently available software packages.“ Professional Draw 3.0 includes a dynamic hot link to Professional Page 3.0 allowing structured drawings to be automatically transferred
between programs for editing or placement within a document.

At the heart of the new version are more than 30 automatic functions or „Genies“, facilitating fast and effortless creation of professional quality artwork.

Function Genies automate many routine design tasks. Functions include object style tags, allowing the creation of multiple objects with matching attributes, automatic Avery label creation, color to black and white or gray scale conversion, precision object alignment and distribution, scaling of grouped objects and a hot link to ASDG’s Art Department Professional.

Tool Genies modify the operation of Professional Draw’s tool buttons. Rectangles with user definable rounded corners, ellipses with user definable height and width and polygons with any number of sides may be created. Objects may be grouped based on their attributes using the marquee Genie.

Using over 275 ARexx commands included with Version 3.0, users may customize Professional draw by editing any of the included tool or function Genies or creating Genies of their own. Possible functions
include hot links to any ARexx compatible program.

Professional Draw 3.0 includes several text handling enhancements. Text is now typed directly on the page and may be edited on the page as well. Improved typographic controls include line spacing, variable character aspect ratios, and user definable X-Y bolding. Text objects may also be grouped by line for easier justification. Version 3.0 implements the latest version of AGFA Compugraphics Bullet font scaling technology and can use the same font files as Professional Page 3.0. Adobe Type 1 fonts are also supporting using the included font manager utility.

Color handling in Version 3.0 has also been improved. Linear and radial gradient fills may be created with user definable centers and angles. Colors may be specified as PANTONE, RGB, or CMYK. A clean
palette feature deletes all unused colors from the palette. IFF bitmaps and EPS files imported into version 3.0 may now be scaled, cropped or rotated. 24 Bit IFF images are also supported.

New output features in Professional Draw 3.0 include enhanced color separation and under color removal algorithms, auto-tiling for output of larger pages, landscape printing on dot matrix printers, adjustable dot matrix page offset, and adjustable HPGL scaling and page offset.

The included Auto Trace utility has also been enhanced with improved contour generation algorithms and no limit on bitmap size.

Other new features include undo, redo, and the ability to display individual objects in wireframe or WYSIWYG mode.

Professional Draw 3.0 includes a collection of 145 pieces of high quality clip art. Also included is a Clipmap utility allowing structured drawing clips to be converted to IFF bitmaps.

Professional Draw 3.0 will run on any Amiga with at least 2 MB of RAM and a hard disk drive and is Workbench 2.0 compatible. Professional Draw 3.0 will be available in late June, with a suggested
retail price of $199.95.

By Mike Iampietro, Gold Disk Inc.

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