According to reports, will the game be released on 10.23.2012 and on 09.03.2013 and will be playing in and around Los Santos (Los Angeles). Confirmation of the release date yet. Lt.. Statement of financial analyst Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Morgan, we are pleased in October already on the official release. However, recently, a GTA V Web Magazine has actually called the 09/03/2013.

The main character resembles an aged version of Tommy Vercetti, who will retire from the industry gangsters and live a quiet family life. The latest trailer shows the game environment, we also have from GTA: San Andreas know. The plans of the main character, however, be thwarted and he is overtaken by his past. It is still unclear whether the player can create the character itself, or at least has a limited selection from which he selects his profile.

Slowly seep through some info on other game content. Speculated whether pets are available from now on and if you make the future of individual apartments can. The fact is that there will be tuning shop golf courses, muscle booths and a tuning shop. In the latter, you have the opportunity to equip his car with nitro, and incorporate other little extras. The weapons can add value to. The new locations around the world will be five times larger than its predecessor.

Graphically, the new part is again a stunner. The characters seem more mature than its predecessor. There are also many more people are on the streets. The game is for PC, Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 will be available

Before E3 Rockstar wants to bring out more information take a little more light into the game.

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