Heroic Age of Spaceflight

| März 30th, 2011

„Heroic Age of Spaceflight – NASA… The 25th Year“ is an overview of the early decades of America’s quest for the stars and is one of the first CDTV [tm] titles to use the CDXL motion picture format. NASA… The 25th Year is a 10 frame-per second 1/4 screen motion picture from compract disc. Subjects corvered include: early aeronautic research, the Soviet challenge and the United States‘ response, Project Apollo, The Voyager and Viking planetary missions, the Space Shuttle program, and prospects for the future.

The viewer can watch the 50 minute movie from beginning to end or jump directly to any of twelve different sections within the movie. In addition, dozens of insightful discussions and additional color images of famous spacecraft and their missions are only the touch of a button away. NASA…The 25th Year is designed to display properly on both NTSC and PAL television screens.

Comments: I received a copy of this CDTV title from Troika today. You can look forward to seeing a full review of it in my column in an upcoming issue of .info Magazine. It’s VERY well done and the low price makes it extremely attractive.

This is the first actual release CDXL CDTV title I’ve seen. Interesting stuff.

By Stephen Ritchie, Troika Multimedia Inc.

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