Portal Communications Company announced the addition of a family of new services to its popular Online System. These new services allow Portal customers to interact directly with the Internet in a number of ways.

Portal customers have access to FTP, a protocol for transferring files at high speeds over the Internet; Telnet, a program that allows users to „log in“ to a machine connected to the Internet, and Internet Relay Chat, a real-time conferencing system with as many as 700 people logged in at once, world-wide.

Portal is the only world-wide information system to offer flat-rate access to the Internet. For the low monthly price of $13.95, anyone with a computer and a modem can become a Portal subscriber. Internet access is an additional $5 monthly. Portal can be reached around the world via Sprintnet and Tymnet, direct dial, and the Internet with the Telnet protocol.

Portal is waiving the $5 Internet Services fee during the month of July. In the communications business since 1986, Portal is well-established on the networks providing commercial UUCP connections and newsfeeds.

Portal recently acquired a 5-gigabyte archive, the world’s largest. In addition, Portal is home to the AmigaZone, over 700 megs of Amiga files and the entire Fred Fish disk collection.

By Brian Fudge, Portal Communications Company

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