The Sydney World of Commodore show has grown to more than 65 Australian and international exhibitors, including Microsoft. It will be held on July 3, 4, and 5 at Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre.

Last year’s high point was CDTV and this year a new Amiga model will be unveiled at the show. A number of manufacturers also plan to release new products at the show.

Opal Technology is a new company (it wasn’t even in business a year ago) that has a range of video processing equipment for use in budget-priced but full-featured video special effects systems for production houses and TV stations. It claims a full system, including Amiga, can be assembled for around US$6000.

The seminar sessions include new users, education, desktop publishing, desktop video, electronic art and future directions of computing. There is no extra charge for these sessions (entrance to the show is AUS$9 per adult).

Following the success last year where one vendor sold almost half a million dollars worth of product at a „shop within a show,“ a number of retailers will be at this show with „specials.“

By Paul Zucker & Wendy Giles

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